The site An excellent place for illustrating the Earth’s past

An excellent place for illustrating the Earth’s past

While the Chaîne des Puys is familiar to all the locals of the region, its geological characteristics are less well known.

And yet it is these features which have been used to determine the boundary of the site, and whose value forms the basis for the application onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


350 million years of geological history

Discover more about the site under the following six headings :

The Plateau des Dômes
Did you know that there were once high mountains here, reaching up to 5,000 m, before the volcanoes existed ?

The Limagne fault
Were you aware that an ocean might have developed in the location of the present day Limagne plain ?

The Montagne de la Serre
Can you define inverted relief and explain its formation ?

The Chaîne des Puys
What makes the Chaîne des Puys different from other volcanic fields around the world ?

A natural, inhabited site
Man has shaped the Chaîne des Puys over the last 6,000 years – do you know how ?

An important scientific region
In your opinion, is it possible to see the interior of the puy de Dôme ?

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