If favorable opinion … Decision to include the Chaîne des Puys World Heritage of Humanity by the World Heritage Committee at its 38th session in Algiers.

Who makes the final decision?

This is the World Heritage Committee. It is composed of 21 members, elected from among the representatives of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention (States Parties are 190 countries that have ratified the World Heritage Convention). It meets once a year to decide on the sites he listed World Heritage of Humanity.
Members of the World Heritage Committee are currently representatives of the following countries: South Africa, Algeria, Cambodia, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Ethiopia, Russia, France, India, Iraq, Japan, Malaysia , Mali, Mexico, Qatar, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, thailand.
Half of them (including France) expire this year. The full list of 21 members of the World Heritage Committee, which will be based in Algiers in 2014, will be known by the end of the year.