UNESCO Summary of the candidature

Summary of the candidature 

The local council of the Puy de Dôme has worked with local actors on the inscription of the exceptional tectonic site of the Chaîne des Puys-Limagne Fault onto the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2007. The candidature, which is strongly backed by the whole region and has earned international scientific support, is also supported at the highest level by the French state, as shown by the visit to the site by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, on 26 January 2018.

The dossier has already achieved several major milestones, and this year marks the end of its path.  It will be examined one final time at the 42nd World Heritage Committee, which takes place in Manama, Bahrain from 24 June to 4 July 2018.

This final assessment by the committee is a consequence of the referral decision taken in Istanbul in 2016. That decision explicitly recognised the potential of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the site on the basis of its geological importance. Only the changes to the management and protection of the site sections of the candidature need to be presented to the World Heritage Committee.

Intense discussions with the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) followed this decision. These talks served to clarify the lines of argument used in the inscription which, without changing fundamentally, have been simplified to fit the UNESCO model. A complementary dossier and further details were submitted to the IUCN between October 2017 and March 2018. Their final recommendation will be published at the beginning of May, and this advisory assessment will provide the basis for the decision of the 21 countries sitting on the committee when it meets in Bahrain.