Brief description of the management plan

Brief description of the management plan

A candidature for World Heritage status must be accompanied by a management plan. The purpose of this plan is to ensure the sustainability of the site in the long term by laying out a number of measures to follow.

The Chaîne des Puy-Limagne Fault management plan is based on a programme of proactive measures which have been planned out and made contractual for an initial period of six years (2015 ‒ 2020). A new action program is being prepared for the period 2021 – 2027, which is in line with the previous one.

It is divided into three main parts which guarantee the protection of the different aspects on which the outstanding universal value is based, taking into account sustainable local development and sharing of knowledge in keeping with UNESCO’s mission.

Part 1: To preserve the integrity and visibility of the geological edifices and the landscape and to intervene concerning the activities which fashion them

Part 2: To manage the visitor numbers, tourism and land use

Part 3: To share, build on and communicate the knowledge of scientists and locals to ensure a concerted management of the site

The management plan includes both multidisciplinary work relating to site in general, for example awareness-raising, monitoring, communication, visitor welcome, support for agriculture and forestry, and management of travel within the site; and integrated projects focussing on certain edifices or target sectors, for example enhancing landscape, erosion control and management of visitor numbers.

The management plan is rooted in the territory ; it encourages the implementation of new strcuturing projects and the development of experiments.