Brief description of the management plan

Brief description of the management plan

The management plan relies on a proactive programme of acts, planned and formalised by contract over a six-year period (2015 – 2020).

It is divided into three major parts which guarantee the protection of the different aspects of the fundamental universal value of the property, to take into account sustainable development and sharing of knowledge, in line with UNESCO’s missions :

    • Part 1 : The preservation of the visibility and integrity of the landscape and the volcanic and geological edifices ;
    • Part 2 : The management of tourist numbers and support for local traditional activities ;
    • Part 3 : Sharing, increasing and diffusing information.

The management plan encompasses both multi-disciplinary acts across the whole of the site – awareness-raising, monitoring, communication, tools to welcome visitors, agricultural and forestry support, transport management – and integrated management acts which target certain edifices or sectors : landscape and edifice enhancement, fight against erosion, management of visitor numbers…


Danielle Fournioux
management plan leader for the world heritage project ou 04 73 42 12 13
Maryline Romanet
management plan assistant for the world heritage project ou 04 73 42 02 77