Support commitee Chaîne des Puys media pack

Chaîne des Puys media pack

There has been huge support from the local media
On 2 January 2012 a large number of the local media gathered at the administrative centre for the department to sign a letter committing them to the Chaîne des Puys Media Pack thus overtly demonstrating their support for the Chaîne des Puys and Limagne fault candidature to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By signing this commitment the media undertake to make the issues inherent in the proposal known to the general public, along with the exceptional characteristics of the site and the ways to join the support committee.
This agreement is an essential factor in the process of image creation and spreading of information about the Chaîne des Puys and Limagne fault site.
It therefore falls within the management plan and thus within the candidature document presented to UNESCO. It comes under part 3 of the management plan “To exchange, increase and pass on knowledgeˮ, aimed specifically at involving the inhabitants in the protection and promotion of the site.

The Media Pack also has a celebrated ambassador in the form of Laurent Bignolas, noted journalist and world traveller. He is well known to the inhabitants of the Auvergne through the television channel France 3, where he presented the local news for 10 years, before becoming the chief producer. He then went on to become the presenter of the national news for the same television channel. He has also specialised in world heritage with programmes such as Faut pas Rêver (travel documentary) and Thalassa (documentary based on the seas and oceans).

List of signatories :